The Home in the Tower

Jul 01 , 2019


Timothy Koch

The Home in the Tower

They needed a safe place to live, whoever it was that turned the old, useless high-voltage transmission tower into a tiny fortress. They cleared the ground around the base to make sure they could see anyone right around the base of the tower. They hung the engine of an old school bus, both things useless without diesel fuel or a school system, from one of the arms and attached it to a generator. Generous loops of wire around the base of the tower were insulated from the ground. Touching these wires would release a lock holding the engine aloft. Its downward plunge turned the generator which charged the wires, electrocuting anyone who tried to invade the house in the tower.

When the set of stairs wasn't hoisted high in the air like the drawbridge of an old castle, it gave access to the first level a dozen feet above the ground. The level offered a living room and kitchen that was spacious and comfortable, especially if you'd been hiding in whatever hole in the ground you could find. The framework of the tower was filled in with shingles from houses in the Wilds, places too unsafe to live in. Abandoned suburbs offered windows and doors and even some furniture to make the house a home. Above the main level were three bedrooms, a covered deck upon which one could enjoy the evening breeze, and finally a lookout platform to give a view to the surrounding countryside.

Most folks in the wastelands beyond Trintico just wanted to survive, but sometimes that meant taking what others had. So a constant watch was required to keep safe the home in the tower.

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