About the Author

Timothy Koch is a dreamer, that's his day job. As Yoda said, "Never where he was, what he was doing!" A statement that sums up the mind of the writer. It's the quality that allows this writer to build strange new worlds and populate them with odd and fascinating character.

Timothy Koch, author of steampunk and wastelands speculative fiction

He grew up in a family of masons and carpenters and went on to study architecture before finding his true self as a designer and builder of things that aren't and could never be. When he finished his degree in architecture at the University of Arkansas, he and his wife stayed in Fayetteville and bought an old house that is haunted by one or more entities that prefer the water heater set to a lower temperature, like the furniture arranged according to the old walls, and make regular passes across the upstairs during quiet mid-mornings and early afternoons. When Timothy isn't writing, he oversees several properties in Fayetteville and draws plans for things to be built in the real world, while listening to a good book by Stephen King, Scott Westerfeld, Philip Reeve, or other speculators of things not real.

He began Trintico Quartet in 2010 while trying bring the properties back from dire financial straits. Barely making ends meet every month, feeling that there would never be a dollar left over to make needed improvements with, he became fixated on the idea of a treadwheel, people always in motion but never getting anywhere. And so was born the social machine of Trintico.

Now that the seven-year, four-book project is complete and in print, he has turned his attention to the Victorian period to go full-out steampunk, in the midst of 19th Century Britain. Look for Counterparts very soon.