Books Two thru Four

Shevi and Jackson escape the class system of Induction Town only to fall into the clutches of another overbearing order in Agrarianna. The Motherland fuels the power grid by feeding the walkers of I Town. Strict discipline demands complete allegiance to the Motherland, leaving no place for friendship and forbidding family. Unable to accept these conditions, the pair flee to Fluxton, the great Capital of Trintico. But when they discover that the produce of I Town and Agrarianna are only squandered, they break the social machine. The citizens of Trintico require order and provision to resist the madness of the wastelands around them, so Shevi and Jackson must restart the social machine. If you've already purchased I Town, thanks so much for reading and for returning to get the rest of the story. We're offering the remaining three books at a special price.

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