The Trintico Quartet – Steampunk Wastelands
The Trintico Quartet
Steampunk Wastelands

The Trintico Quartet

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An enclave of civilization surrounded by vast post-apocalypse wastelands. Three sovereign but interdependent walled steampunk cities, each with a different kind of self-imposed dystopia. The inhabitants of each will have to accept the demands of the social machine or risk getting cast out into the Wilds. Crazy King Ludd and his vagabond marauders wait there to enslave anyone they capture. Worse still are the Faux-Zombies who reenact an old movie in an abandoned Carbon Nation shopping mall when the moon is full or the Gasbaggers who value death more than life because of the methane decaying bodies offer.

Leah hoisted up a long-tailed shirt of the densest chainmail Shevi had ever seen. “Let’s try this on you. Mother says your appetite will increase when you’re carrying more weight. She says you could go two-fifty, three hundred if you took care of yourself.” (I Town, page 226)

Shevi and Jackson try to accept that the big must grow bigger to keep up with the increasing energy demands of Trintico. They try to accept the strict discipline of the farmlands that grow the food for I Town. They even try to fit into the Capital's rampant consumerism that wastes the resources of Trintico for the sake of maintaining its social machinery.

“These people do not need to be slaughtered or sterilized,” Sec Elec said, reining the conversation back on route. “They need hope. They need something to strive for. And they need an anthem and a champion to show them the way.”

“We need an anthem, for the monarchy,” Prince Tyler said.

Sec Elec voice dropped into a low growl. “We need a solution to these problems, Your Majesty. It must be real. At the end of the day it must be real.” (I Town, page 163)

If you enjoyed the Leviathan Trilogy, Hunger Games, Incarceron, City of Ember, The Maze Runner Series, or Mortal Engines, the Trintico Quartet is your next great adventure. Set in the not-so-distant future when carbon energy sources are scarce and the trees have retaken the suburbs of the old Carbon Nation, it offers a twisted look at contemporary consumerism.

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